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I have created this personal website where I present myself as a data engineer and a web developer. If you are a business owner or individual who is looking to establish and grow yourself or your company online the best way you can at the most reasonable price available, I can evaluate your needs and help you do it, cost-effectively using mostly free tools!

Data-driven intelligence provides a competitive advantage for an organization. Lack of data integrity or incorrect assumptions will only generate bad results. Considering this, I can also setup a data pipeline which will automatically track data from all your online or offline sources available (website, social media profiles, YouTube, emails, search engines, excel), and present the results into actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reports and dashboards. I can also extract data you need from any other websites, analyze it, get the most relevant information and then display it in an interactive visualization, save it in the format you need such as Excel, SQL databases or Data Warehouses. I can create a custom web application and deploy it in the cloud that can automate this entire process, providing you with an efficient and reliable solution tailored to your needs. In the end, I can dig deep into those data to find strategies and solutions to boost further your brand awareness!

Nevertheless, creating or optimizing your existing website is the first step in taking your business to the next level and creating an online presence. Having a fast, secure, responsive mobile friendly, modern website appearing in the most popular search engines is necessary to not continue to lose valuable clients because you lack an online presence. Furthermore, optimizing your social media presence is also a huge factor to get noticed online by the right people. A creatively-strong, targeted paid social media ad campaign is just as important as the organic content so I can design, run and monitor those campaigns.

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Data Solutions

Data Engineering

Help small businesses modernize their data architectures so they can gain more insights and scale their operations.

Build ETL-ELT data pipelines around all available online and offline data sources.

Automatically collect, clean, model the most important data of your business.

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Design Dashboards & Reports

Create and design any data visualization dashboards and reports necessary to get actionable insights of your running business.

Redesign spreadsheets, maintain and support existing applications and offline reports of your organization in MS Excel.

Analyze Data​

Analyze all data and make adjustments to improve user experience.

Measure success of any ads campaign or process created and find solutions and marketing strategies for higher conversion rates, better sales numbers, high ROI and better brand recognition.

Web Application Deployment

Web Scraping

Aggregate interesting data from a variety of websites to use it for market research, competitor analysis, and other business intelligence applications.

Save the extracted data in various formats such as Excel or SQL databases (local or remote).

Python Web App

Develop custom web applications that can automate entire processes such as web scraping.

Deploy it on a cloud platform for scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Website Creation

Build Your Website

Build a brand new, beautiful, modern, secure, fast, full responsive mobile friendly, professional website.

Update, optimize and fix bugs on your existing website.

Submit Your Website to Search Engines​

Add your site to the most popular search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and DuckDuckGo.

Perform initial on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Setup and optimize all the best webmaster and analytics tools for brand awareness and Inbound Marketing.

Run paid advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and other platforms to reach potential customers and get more website exposure.

Contact me

If you have a project you’d like to make happen, please write me below so we can discuss your requirements and next steps to making something amazing!